How to Incorporate in Louisiana

1.  Register with the state online.  It’s easy easy.  It’s the first one, it’s $77 ($75 to register, and I think $2 processing fee?).  There’s 2 main pages of questions, the first one very short, and it givers you stock answers.  Company is formed for the purpose of “engaging in all… etc”.  Duration is perpetual.  The second page is a bit longer, but mostly just filling out information repetitively.  I think I entered my contact information 3 times?  When it asks for who your agent is you say yourself with your contact information, and then once you’ve hit submit and paid you’ll get an email saying you have to confirm that you agree to be the agent.

File Online here:

2.  File for a Federal Tax ID, or ein, online.  Easy and free.

File Online here:

3.  The checklist that you filled out may be mailed to you, but it says you need a Certificate of Occupancy.  Only if you have your own building that you operate out of.  If you, like me, work from home, you don’t need this.

4.  State Sales Tax ID, file online at  Free.  Under the block “for business” click on business registration.  You have to have your Fed Tax ID to do it… it asks for something called a NAICS code, and it gives you a link to a site for you to look it up… as far as I can tell online webdesign just falls under other code 81.  Phone 225-219-7318

5.  Local Sales Tax ID, file online at   Register and fill it out.  I was told it would cost $100, but maybe it’s a bill later thing because I registered for free.  Phone number 225-686-3043.

AFTER your LLC papers are finalized by the state you can do the following.

6.  Occupational/Business license. It’s issued by the City.  Call that number and they’ll tell you how to get it.  It matters if you’re in city limits or not.  I’m outside of city limits so I have to go to the sheriff’s office to get mine.  I believe it’s $50.

7.  Registering Assumed Business Name.  You can get it at the Clerk of Court office.  I also believe this is $50.